OSC SERIES (Semi-Open Impeller)


Made of durable cast iron, these pumps feature a high-pressure resistant mechanical seal, a semi-open high chrome alloy impeller with a ductile iron wear plate, and an integrated discharge channel for effective cooling and space-saving top outlets. Available in discharge sizes from 50mm (2”) to 150mm (6”) and motor powers from 1.5kW (2HP) to 15kW (20HP), with hermetically sealed motors and built-in thermal protection for power below 15kW.


Constructed from hard cast iron, these pumps offer a high-pressure resistant mechanical seal for increased submersion depth, a hydraulic part under the motor cooled by pumped water for safe operation, and a top outlet design to maximize space. The hermetically sealed, dry-type submersible induction motor (2 poles) is available with discharge sizes from 100mm (4”) to 200mm (8”) and motor powers from 22kW (30HP) to 110kW (150HP).


· Capacity up to 390m³/h
· Head: up to 130 meters
· Power: 55kW to 75kW
· Voltage supply:
    Three phase 415V, 50Hz
    Three phase 440V, 60Hz
· Pump casing: Steel

· Insulation class:F
· Protection class:IP68
· Water Temperature: up to 40°C
· Max.water depth: 25m to 30m
· Star delta
· Semi-Open Impeller: High Chrome Alloy
· Cable length: 20m


· Construction sites

· Sewage by-pass

· Infrastructure

· Tunneling

· Flood control

· Dredging

· Stone cutting

· Irrigations

· Open quarries

· Rescue pumping

· Fire fighting

On Request

· Other Voltages