G SERIES (Grinder Impeller)

The G Series submersible pump by Fujico integrates the strengths of both domestic and international products, undergoing comprehensive enhancements in hydraulic design, mechanical structure, sealing, cooling, and protection mechanisms. Our energy-efficient solutions excel in managing solid waste and preventing long fibers from entangling, offering high efficiency and reliability. 

The pump features a grinding mechanism at its suction inlet, effectively reducing suspended solids into smaller pieces. These particles are then pumped out by a vortex impeller, ensuring smooth flow without the risk of clogging in the discharge pipe.


· Capacity up to 25m³/h
· Head: up to 42 meters
· Power: 0.75kW to 5.5kW
· Voltage supply:
    Three phase: 415V, 50Hz
    Three phase: 440V, 60Hz
    Single phase: 240, 50Hz
    Single phase: 220, 60Hz
· Pump casing: Cast Iron

· Insulation class:F
· Protection class:IP68
· Water Temperature: up to 40°C
· Max.water depth: 10m
· Direct on line stater (standard)
· Grinder Impeller: Ductile Iron
· Cable length: 8m
· R Installation


· High pressure in small-scale sewer systems

· Domestic and building sewage

· Factories

· Hospitals

· Hotels

· Department stores

On Request

· Other Voltages

· Z Installation

· Moisture Sensor (optional)

· Single phase with float switch (optional)