FS SERIES (Vortex Impeller)

The FS Series pump is constructed from stainless steel and specialized resin, offering a lightweight yet corrosion-resistant solution. Its built-in vortex impeller and large passage design ensure efficient operation, allowing it to handle liquids containing various types of foreign materials with ease.


· Capacity up to 22.2m³/h
· Head: up to 13.5 meters
· Power: 0.25kW to 0.75kW
· Voltage supply:
    Single phase: 240V,50Hz; 220V, 60Hz
    Three phase: 415V, 50Hz; 440V, 60Hz
·· Direct on line starter (standard)
· Pumping casing: SUS-304 stainless steel

· Insulation class:F
· Protection class:IP68
· Water Temperature: up to 40°C
· Max.water depth: 10m
· Cable length: 8m
· PH: 4 to 10
· Semi-Open Impeller: AISI304SS


· Clean water, Salt water

· Aquarium

· Landscape waterfall

· Clean water, Salt water

· Water drainage and filtration

· Civil Engineering

· Building sites

· Utility pits

· Draining storm water

On Request

· Other Voltages