EOC & EOA SERIES (Semi-Vortex Impeller)

Combining efficiency and durability, Fujico’s submersible dewatering pumps are exceptionally reliable. Their unique design enhances overall efficiency and durability, while the semi vortex impeller minimizes clogging for consistent performance. 

The built-in shaft mounted agitator prevents air lock and further reduces clogging. With a mechanical seal resistant to pressures up to 5 bar, these pumps achieve greater submersion depths. Available in sizes with discharge ports from 50mm (2”) to 80mm (3”) and motor powers ranging from 0.4kW (0.55HP) to 0.75kW (1HP), Fujico pumps deliver superior performance and reliability.


· Capacity up to 18m³/h
· Head: up to 10 meters
· Power: 0.4kW to 0.75kW
· Voltage supply:
    Three phase: 415V, 50Hz
    Three phase: 440V, 60Hz
    Single phase: 240, 50Hz
    Single phase: 110V, 60Hz
    Single phase: 220, 60Hz

· Insulation class:F
· Protection class:IP68
· Water Temperature: up to 40°C
· Max.water depth: 10m
· Direct on line starter (standard)
· Semi-Open Impeller: Ductile Iron
· · Pump casing: Cast Iron
· Cable length: 8m


· Civil Engineering

· Building Sites

· Basements or other utility

· Pits, rainwater, mud water

· High-viscosity fluid

On Request

· Other Voltages