6MXS SERIES (Closed Impeller)

Close-coupled, multi-stage submersible pumps made of chrome-nickel stainless steel.

The hydraulic part is located beneath the motor, which is cooled by the pumped water to ensure safe operation even when the pump is only partially submerged.

Features a double shaft seal with an oil chamber in between.

The suction strainer blocks solids with a diameter larger than 2 mm from entering.


· Capacity up to 21m³/h
· Head: up to 66 meters
· Power: 1.5kW to 3kW
· Voltage supply:
    6MXSM: single phase: 240V, 50Hz
    6MXS: three-phase: 415V, 50Hz
· Pump casing: Stainless steel
· Cable length: 15m

· Insulation class:F
· Protection class:IP68
· Water Temperature: up to 40°C
· Max.water depth:
· Direct on line starter (standard)
· Closed Impeller: AISI304SS


· For water supply from wells, tanks or reservoirs

· For domestic use, for industrial applications

· For garden use and irrigation. Utilization of rain water.

On Request

· Other Voltages

· The length of cable