SS Series Domestic Pumps

The SS series is a range of vortex impeller submersible pumps suitable for dirty/black water applications. The are ideal for cess pits, ponds and light wastewater pumping duties. (minimal solids content)

  • Small, light-weight and portable
  • Wide application as well as bilge discharge
  • Unique design of cooling system for continuous operation
  • Easy operation and handling
  • Rust free

Suitable for:

  • Pond/aquarium usage
  • Home/domestic application
  • Drainage after flooding, transfer of liquids, pumping water from wells and shafts
  • Aerating pumps for fish farms and for aerating and keeping environment of lakes and ponds.
  • For discharging bilge water
  • For emergency water discharge
  • For water sprinkling in vinyl house and garden

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