B, U, C, G Series Sewage Pumps

The B series of submersible pumps feature the revolutionary new single channel impeller, uniquely design from Fujico (Japan). These non-clog channel impeller pumps have solved many clogging problems in most of the commercial and municipal applications.

The U series of submersible pumps are installed with vortex type of impeller, the innovative design incorporates and formed a helix passage at the inlet connected to the single vane which is enable the non-clog smooth flow passage.

The C series of submersible pumps are equipped with a special “cutter mechanism” to ensures that any of the fibre object will be cut down to smaller pieces in order to achieve non-clogging pumping action. These pumps are good for the industrial and municipal wastewater market sectors.

The G series of submersible pumps built-in with a “grinder mechanism” at the suction port area and discharge by a vortex impeller inside the pumping chamber. This allows the grinding action to crush any foreign object into fine particles for a smooth pumping flow passage.

All these designs of special impeller virtually eliminates clogging, plugging, and entangling of fibrous materials resulting in reduced maintenance costs and electrical power consumption.

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